Atih Amanda Seif, M.D is a board-certified psychiatrist in the USA and Canada. She has attended Virginia Commonwealth University for her residency in psychiatry and completed her fellowship in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at the University of Maryland.

Dr. Seif is an integrative psychiatrist who works with her patients and looks at the root of their problems. Instead of addressing the illness itself only, Dr.Seif’s approach is proactive. Her goal is to find the deep cause of the current mental state of her patients, to better understand their thought process to prevent future illnesses and setbacks.

Dr. Seif has worked with people from different walks of life: young population, underserved population, as well as affluent privileged individuals. With experience in hand, she understands that despite these differences in people’s backgrounds, they all strive for the same goal: to succeed and find happiness.

Dr. Seif’s knowledge has a basis in Eastern and Western culture. She has combined the best of ancient practices, alternative medicine and evidence-based modern medicine to give her patients a unique perspective and various options in their treatment.

Furthermore, Dr. Seif has a great interest in her field and takes part in many seminars to enhance her knowledge. She has worked closely with spiritual healers and scholars of different backgrounds. As a result, she has grown to learn and appreciate different modalities and spiritual practices in addition to research-based practice and recent developments in psychiatry.

Dr. Seif’s journey, her education, and her passion for helping others have led her to develop a patient-centered outlook in her line of work. As an integrative psychiatrist, she aims to guide her patients to achieve optimal health and lead an active, fulfilling life by looking at the whole of the patient in addition to their mind, body, and environment. She also offers her patients the right tools that enable them on their own to reach the ultimate level of health physically, mentally and spiritually.

Dr. Seif looks forward to meeting new patients and assisting them in becoming the best version of themselves.