Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Nurturing children and teenagers from a young age helps them grow into strong, self-dependent adults. However, in this day and age, there are many obstacles children and teenagers face. As a result, they might develop behavioral problems that negatively impact their social skills, relationships, academic performance, and enjoying growing up. This can often be a source of concern for the parents, especially if they are having difficulties dealing with these issues.

Children nowadays are growing up in a world much different from what it was like in the past. While the advances in technology have created new possibilities, these advances have created new challenges. The youth as they are learning, developing, and forming new brain connections (often with limited impulse control) have to navigate through society and being bombarded with a vast volume of information which may not be suited for them. As a result, anxiety and depression in this particular group seems to be on the rise.

A change in a child’s behavior or an obstacle in their way can cause much difficulty for them and their family. In this case, the child must be thoroughly assessed by a professional. Dr. Seif is a board-certified psychiatrist with a subspecialty in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. She works with children and adolescents to improve their behavioral and mental health problems.

What Are the Types of Child Disorders?

Dr. Seif works with the following disorders:

How Are Child and Adolescent Mental Disorders Treated?

Dr. Seif’s approach aims to create a safe environment for the child and their parents. The treatment process starts with a thorough assessment of the patient and their surroundings, at home and at school. As a result, Dr. Seif is able to rule out any organic causes that might be affecting the child’s mental wellbeing.

Next is the diagnostic stage where Dr. Seif analyzes behavioral and emotional symptoms in the child. This includes an evaluation of the social, cultural, and academic factors that contribute to the child’s mental health. Moreover, in psychiatric treatment, no two patients are the same, and symptoms in children present differently than they do in adults with mood disorders.

Dr. Seif creates an individualized treatment plan for the patient, combining behavioral tools and medication to help the child at home, school, and in their day-to-day life.