Dr. Seif’s philosophy is that mental health is whole health.

Dr. Seif’s belief is that one’s body, mind, and environment need to operate in harmony for optimal wellbeing. She also believes that prevention is more important than treatment and that one should not wait for the illness to surface then attempt to treat it. However, she emphasizes a preventive approach to lead a healthy and balanced life that one can enjoy.

The ever-growing demand to achieve it all and the culture of instant gratification can easily be emotionally draining. Consequently, people are likely to develop serious physical and mental health problems. Now more than ever, it is important to take care of oneself.

It’s crucial to find ways to recenter and recharge.

Dr. Seif’s approach is to maintain and prevent mental health issues. At her clinic, she focuses on the patient’s quality of life as a whole in addition to the problem itself. She also caters her services to the patient’s needs, developing an integrative approach to assist and maintain their health.

Moreover, Dr. Seif fully understands that each individual is unique and has different challenges that may hinder their progress. She focuses on stress management and physical wellbeing as the keys to balanced mental health. She also engages her patients in the treatment plan and assists them in reaching their full potential. With the right tools, knowledge, and treatment, Dr. Seif guides her patients to become productive, fulfilled individuals: physically, mentally, and spiritually.